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Embrace Your Passions!

What are you passionate about? Do you dream of creating a business and getting paid to do what you love? Are you a heart-based entrepreneur or healer who is committed to making a positive difference? A website is important for presenting your name and business to the world, and using WordPress is a great way to go.

Learn WordPress Basics

I would be happy to teach you the basics of creating a WordPress.com or WordPress.org blog for your business. I can also help you maximize the site(s) that you already have. I believe that people learn best through experience, not just lecturing. My lessons are hands-on, so you’ll get real experience working with your site, rather than me just doing the work and expecting you to follow along.

A Holistic Approach

I take a holistic approach to web design. In addition to being a teacher, I am a writer and author, I have marketing savvy, I’m an artist and a feng shui master with organizing prowess. I’m also a healer and humanitarian. And, I’m a geek. A chic geek, but I love to understand the mechanics behind things.

What does that translate to? In addition to the technical stuff (see below), I can help you create a site that is beautiful, functional, user-friendly (organized), meaningful (feng shui symbolism via colors, etc) and streamlined. Your message and unique brilliance should also shine through. I can help you with that, too.

Technical Savvy

Here’s a short list of the technical and practical applications I can assist you with:

  • Making the most of your theme, or choosing one that’s more appropriate for your needs
  • Time-saving tricks to cut down on the hours, days, weeks spent working on your website
  • Showing you Dashboard basics, so you know how to work with your content behind-the-scenes
  • Creating content (posts and pages) that is authentic to you and that resonates with your audience
  • Streamlining your website so it’s well-organized, user-friendly, and unfettered
  • Using colors and design tricks to make important items pop
  • Working with either WordPress.org and WordPress.com sites (paid vs. free)
  • Creating sidebar content: widgets and using plug-ins to enhance the functionality of your website
  • Using SEO (search engine optimization) so your site is more likely to get traffic
  • Making business and marketing decisions that are reflected throughout the design & content of your website

Compassion, Patience & Understanding

I know what it’s like to not quite dig a design or to struggle with the technical side of things. Twelve years ago, I asked a web design friend to create a website for my new business. It was gorgeous, it did tricks, and it was high-tech…but the graphics weren’t quite right and, though I’m an artist, I couldn’t get in there and change things. My friend was extremely busy, and getting in touch with her wasn’t really an option, either.

My frustration created a desire to learn everything I could about web design. I wanted to build my own site and I started from scratch with a GoDaddy template. For my next project, I cut my teeth on basic WordPress.com sites and eventually moved onto the intimidating and ever-changing world of creating professional WordPress.org sites (there IS a big difference, in case you’re not aware). As technology has expanded, over the past twelve years, so has my knowledge.

I have since designed dozens of websites for myself and clients. I have also taught WordPress lessons to a number of students, helping them feel much more confident in their overall knowledge of website design, as well as finding solutions to problems that they encountered while attempting to design their own websites.

In our initial consultation, I’ll ask you some questions which will help me determine if my skills match what you’re seeking to learn. I want you to get a lot of value out of your lessons and each one is highly customized. I’ll make sure you understand each step along the way and will give you valuable knowledge and tools for creating an awesome website!


For in-person lessons, I’m available in Boulder, Colorado. I have successfully given lessons remotely and there are some fab tricks for doing so. No matter what, I can at least give you an overview of what’s needed to complete a website. So feel free to reach out.

Are You Done with the Frustrations of Trying to Navigate Website Design on Your Own?

With My Expert Guidance, You’ll Learn Design Basics, Gain Technical Savvy,

and Get Marketing Tips for Creating an Awesome Website!


Design Work Gallery

Here are some screenshots of websites that I’ve designed. For more information, visit my portfolio page.

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