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It’s show and tell time! In this portfolio, I highlighted some of the best sites that I’ve created to give you an idea of my website design experience and how I might be able to help you create the website of your dreams!

Lotus Soul Awakening

Lotus Soul Awakening was co-created by me and Tonya Thomas. Based on her background, life challenges, and education, I helped Tonya focus in on the niche of helping women heal from sexual trauma and the feeling of powerlessness that many carry as a result.

During our first intuitive website design consultation, an image of a lotus kept popping up for me. We decided to create an image of a woman sitting on a lotus blossom, with a beautiful sunset in the background, using some of Tonya’s favorite colors.

Tonya was very much into the idea of “soul awakening”. We used SEO keywords, as well as preferences and intuitive guidance, to select the domain name and come up with the tagline that captures what she does and who she serves, so beautifully.

The textured purple and black background suggests depth, emotions & healing. Tonya’s ideal client is someone who’s really ready to dive deep and fully address their own healing process, so we felt that this was the most fitting of all the background options we considered. I created this background by adding deep violet to a seamless black and white stock photo that Tonya purchased and doing some graphic design magic to make it lay correctly.

Tonya also requested a branded business card to match the look and feel of her website. During the process, I found a font that felt much more appropriate than what we had been using. It was vibrant and feminine and lighter in visual “weight”.

When I tried the new font on her website by modifiying the header, it just felt “right”. So we decided to change it on all the graphics. It took a little bit of extra work, but I feel that it was worth the effort. Now she has customized business cards (on the way) and a gorgeous website…and they harmonize beautifully! If you’d like to see the website in all it’s glory, go to

Divinely Inspired Careers

This stunning website, Divinely Inspired Careers, is one of the most elaborate sites that I’ve created. Lea is a career counselor and healer who found herself wanting to expand beyond the limitations of traditional career counseling, so she asked me to design a website that highlighted her spiritual approach, as well.

Lea wanted a soothing feel for her business website. The Buddha graphic in the header conveys enlightenment, calmness, and mental clarity. She loves turquoise and purple, and those colors were perfect for the feel she was going for. I used a gradient of turquoise to violet for the header and the six columns on this landing page.

Lea had a collection of quotes that she loved and some pictures of nature that she had taken. We manipulated the colors of the pictures to match her color scheme and laid the text from the quotes over the pictures. It created an elegant effect that is both beautiful and functional, as the quotes give the viewer a sense of her ideals & what she has to offer as a spiritual career counselor.

Fired Up Diva, was my first venture from to the more professional, and highly regarded, I’d worked on websites for a variety of companies and had built my own via and Godaddy sites, over a ten-year span. But, I realized that some of my options were severely limited with those platforms. I wanted ultimate control, so I decided dive in! I set out to teach myself as much as I could about creating full-customized sites. has undergone a few transformations as I’ve grown, my skills have improved, and my knowledge base has expanded. It is currently under construction, so I apologize that it’s not viewable at the moment, but I wanted to at least show you a couple screenshots of it. I wanted this site to convey strength, have a divine feminine feel, and reflect my sassy personality, while still feeling classy. So I used a black, slate grey, and hot pink color scheme to achieve that.

Fired Up Feng Shui

Fired Up Feng Shui was one of my very first websites. I like the sleek black and white “tuxedo” look that this particular template has. The oranges and reds are important, because this site it all about life force energy! These colors give it some punch & a warm, inviting feel. The flower suggests feminine softness, while still conveying strength.

Fired Up Feng Shui currently redirects to the feng shui page on this website in the name of simplification. Sometimes we have tough choices to make when moving forward with our overall business and web development schemes. What once felt super awesome and abundant began to feel outdated to me. There are times to revamp, redecorate, and redesign. And there are times to simply let go and redirect. As a designer and business coach, I assist my clients with making these tough decisions.

Register Recruiting

My client Denise asked for help in reworking her business website She didn’t like the look and feel of her old site, so we chose a different template that was much more user-friendly and gave Denise many options to play with, once I created a solid foundation.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it can be extremely impactful to use pictures on the home page! Motion can also be helpful. This sequence of graphics, in the form of an elegant slider, tells the viewer (within seconds) that Denise’s business is about renewable energy and connecting employers & employees within that field. It also speaks of her ethics and her mission.

Denise had a beautiful business logo and wanted to carry it over to her new site. Fortunately, I was able to pull the exact orange and blues from the logo and use them in design elements throughout the rest of the website to create a sense of harmony and balance. Overall, this website is professional, colorful, clean, elegant, and easy-to-use.

Centered Students is a site that I built for my client, Mariel, who teaches schools & other organizations about the benefits of mindfulness. Orginally, Mariel had worked with GoDaddy to design the site, but was not happy with the results and had let it go. She had graphics leftover, so we reworked them to fit (as well as possible) into this particular template. This site is best viewed on a laptop screen. Ultimately, a website would look fantastic no matter what the screen size, but sometimes it comes down to making a choice. We chose to keep her awesome, sophisticated graphics (which look amazing on a full screen) rather than simplifying them to look better on a phone screen.

We added a pop-up to the home page of Centered Students to encourage viewers to subscribe to Mariel’s email list in exchange for a free PDF of her ebook. The link to the PDF is automagically (Mailchimp’s lingo) embedded in the sequence of emails that Mailchimp sends out. So, all Mariel has to do is keep her readers engaged with occasional emails. Simple, effortless, fabulous!

Mariel had plenty of content to work with, already, but it needed some editing. I helped rework and shape the text, to ensure that it was well-organized and made sense to the reader. Since creating this site, in May of 2015, Mariel has receieved many compliments about how clear, informative, and well-organized her website is, from clients and peers in her business community. Overall, it was definitely a successful redesign!

Bicycle Power Boulder

On his off-days, Glenn Francis repairs bicycles for the homeless and low-income communities of Boulder, Colorado. It’s such a great service and I wanted to create a one-page website (as a donation) so that Glenn could connect with the community on an even bigger scale, have something professional to direct his clientelle & prospective business alliances to, and establish a much-needed web presence. is my first one-pager and Glenn and I are both thrilled with the results! He wanted the site to feel both bright and dignified. I feel that we achieved his goal with the use of an orange and blue color scheme, carefully cropped pics, and a font that is equally fun and classy.

The Divi theme allowed me the freedom to create the sections exactly as I wanted to, as well as make adjustments where necessary. It would be simple to add information and pictures, down-the-line, as Bicycle Power Boulder grows. For now, Glenn has a functional & stunning website that he is proud to direct his community to!

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