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Heart-Centered Websites…For Healers, By a Healer

What are you passionate about? Do you dream of creating a business and getting paid to do what you love? Are you a heart-based entrepreneur or healer who is committed to making a positive difference?

Would you rather spend your time finding and working with clients than slaving away at a computer, trying to create a website? Are you intimidated by technology? Are you frustrated with platforms that were supposed to be super easy (SquareSpace)…but turned out to be really complicated?

A website is important for presenting your name and business to the world, and using WordPress is a great way to go! I’d be happy to create a gorgeous, user-friendly, streamlined WordPress website that conveys your unique brilliance, enhances your web presence, and helps you connect authentically with your ideal clients.

A Holistic Approach

I take a holistic approach to web design. In addition to being a teacher, I am a writer and author, I have marketing savvy, I’m an artist and a feng shui master with organizing prowess. I’m also a healer and humanitarian. And, I’m a geek. A chic geek, but I love to understand the mechanics behind things.

What does that translate to? In addition to the technical stuff (see below), I can help you create a site that is beautiful, functional, user-friendly (organized), meaningful (feng shui symbolism via colors, etc) and streamlined. Your message and unique brilliance should also shine through. I can help you with that, too.

Artistry and Technical Savvy

“Claire took my ideas and created a beautiful site that really aligned with my business goals. In addition, she did a great job of creating something that matched what I wanted the site to look like from a spiritual perspective. She was always willing to go the extra mile, working with me on every detail to create a site I was happy with.

Claire has wonderful artistic ability and a great eye for color and design. I love my site and have already gotten lots of feedback regarding how great it is. I definitely recommend Claire as a web designer. She has great technical skills, amazing follow through, and her design skills are fantastic.”

Lea Alvarado

Spiritual Career Counselor, Divinely Inspired Careers

How I Got Started Designing Websites

I know what it’s like to not quite dig a design or to struggle with the technical side of things. Twelve years ago, I asked a web design friend to create a website for my new business. It was gorgeous, it did tricks, and it was high-tech…but the graphics weren’t quite right and, though I’m an artist, I couldn’t get in there and change things. My friend was extremely busy, and getting in touch with her wasn’t really an option, either.

Self-Taught Savvy

My frustration created a desire to learn everything I could about web design. I wanted to build my own site and I started from scratch with a GoDaddy template. For my next project, I cut my teeth on basic sites and eventually moved onto the intimidating and ever-changing world of creating professional sites (there IS a big difference, in case you’re not aware). As technology has expanded, over the past twelve years, so has my knowledge.

Captured & Expressed My Essence in the Design

“I am so excited about my new website — Lotus Soul Awakening! This is the first leg of launching my longtime dream to open a healing center. It’s the first door into that sacred space where those who are ready to do their deep healing work towards not just surviving, but THRIVING, and living life to the fullest!

Thank you Claire Amber! You knew how to tap in and capture the essence of who I am and my message, and it is so beautifully expressed here in your web design work. I am forever grateful to you, and am so happy the Universe made sure we crossed paths. Love and Light.”

Tonya Dokman

Life Coach & Counselor, Lotus Soul Awakening

My Design Experience

I have since designed dozens of websites for myself and clients. I have also taught WordPress lessons to a number of students, helping them feel much more confident in their overall knowledge of website design, as well as finding solutions to problems that they encountered while attempting to design their own websites.

In our initial consultation, I’ll ask you some questions which will help me determine if my skills match what you’re seeking to learn. I want you to get a lot of value out of your lessons and each one is highly customized. I’ll make sure you understand each step along the way and will give you valuable knowledge and tools for creating an awesome website!

My Design Portfolio

Lotus Soul Awakening

Symbolism & Ambiance

This is a website that I created for my client, Tonya Dokman. Custom graphics make this website pop! We decided on a color scheme, based on the warm and soothing feel that she wanted her website to have.

She loves the ocean and sunrises are very symbolic for her. so we used both. Also, it was important for her to convey healing and transformation. As the lotus is a symbol of turning muck into beauty and power, we incorporated that into her logo and domain name.  I used the Nirvana Theme for this site, as it allows for an integrated look that is simple and beautiful. The full site can be viewed at

Contact Form

It’s important to have a contact form that is simple and allows for the customer to easily contact the practitioner. Some may disagree, but I believe that it’s important to also have the email address and phone number easily available. Yes, this can make it easier for people to spam the practitioner, but it also makes it easier for customers to contact them.

I often feel frustrated when I see only a contact form and no direct information. Some designers suggest having that information straight up, on the home page. I generally steer my clients in the direction of being a bit more discreet. Links from the services page to the contact form are also very important for customer use, so we have those well-integrated on the reiki and coaching pages of Tonya’s website, as well as other key pages. They all funnel to this one page, making it very easy for the potential customers to contact her and make use of her services.

Divinely Inspired Careers

Marketing Prowess

A slider can be a great way to catch your customer’s attention, because if you don’t, they may easily navigate off of your website. We used a slider with prompting questions to help the customers self-identify and immediately get an idea of what Lea has to offer.

As there are plenty of other complex graphics on her site, we made each slider simple, bold, and very easy to read. We also laid out the pages in columns, on the bottom of the front page, to ensure that the navigation is very easy and simple to understand.

Fired Up Diva

Micro and Macro

This is the first website that I designed using a self-hosted WordPress theme. It’s my own healing arts website. As I wanted to offer a wide variety of services (I had some commitment issues, back then), I needed a way to tie them all together. Therefore, I used a tagline that tied everything together.

Let’s say that I have a unique, sparkly, and somewhat edgy personality. I feel that the color scheme (mosty pink, black and grey) and use of a decorative font reflects that. The last thing I’d want is for someone to think that I’m a meek lamb and be surprised by my power and strong presence. LOL! It was important that those drawn to me would be a true match, so that I could best facilitate their healing process.

A Unique Marketing Scheme

My journey has been all about healing myself, so that I can heal and teach from a place of compassion and true awareness. I wanted to convey a sense of empowerment…as something that I exprerience personally, as well as something that I could help my clients experience.

I had written a book about my own healing journey, that I wanted to highlight. I ended up using the main graphic, from the book’s front cover, in the header. That led to my moniker, Fired Up Diva, and became an integrated part of my overall scheme.



Centered Students

Affordable, Flexible & Knowledgeable

“Claire Amber moved my website from Square Space to WordPress and kept it looking the same, as I wanted. She did it quickly and for a reasonable price, so I was very pleased! She also recommended some videos that were very helpful and really enabled me to be able to step into being my own administrator (which was also a goal). She is making herself available to help me in the future which is wonderful to know, as I have changes I want to make and website logic doesn’t come naturally to me. I like that she is approachable, flexible, knowledgable and reasonably priced.”

Gigi Gallaway

Energy Healer & Spiritual Counselor, Phoenix Healing Fire


I have successfully designed fabulous websites remotely, never having met my clients in-person! There are some fab tricks for doing so! I work mostly with clients in the United States and Europe, to eliminate issues regarding time zones and language barriers. So, whether you’re in Colorado, other states, or “across the pond”, feel free to contact me regarding the design of your website!

Do You Want a Website Designed for You?

Wordpress Lessons

Learn WordPress Basics

I would be happy to teach you the basics of creating a or blog for your business. I can also help you maximize the site(s) that you already have. I believe that people learn best through experience, not just lecturing. My lessons are hands-on, so you’ll get real experience working with your site, rather than me just doing the work and expecting you to follow along.

What I Can Teach You:

  • Understanding the technical aspects of doing the background work
  • Time-saving tricks, so you can design your website with greater efficiency
  • Designing simple & gorgeous custom headers and other graphics, as needed
  • Creating content that speaks to your audience and is authentic to you
  • Streamlining your website so it’s well-organized, uncluttered, and user-friendly
  • Integrating symbolism to give your website personal meaning & intention
  • Using color and design tricks to make important items pop, like call-to-actions
  • Using SEO savvy so your site gets more traffic and is seen by more people
  • Having a site that you’re proud of and that helps you connect with clients


I have helped students work on & polish their own professional-quality websites, remotely and in-person. I’m currently located in Boulder, Colorado. No matter what, I can at least give you an overview of what’s needed to complete a website. So feel free to reach out, wherever you are in the world!

Would You Like Help Creating Your Own Website?

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