Feng Shui Bathroom Colors for Wealth

Could your beige bathroom be draining your energy? Is it in the wealth area of your home? Then you could benefit by pumping up the chi with some bright feng shui bathroom colors! I’ll show you how to do it with red splashes. A Range of Neutrals…Yawn!... read more

Time for Spring Clutter Clearing!

It’s Spring! The birds are singing,  the trees are blossoming, it’s a chance for rejuvenation and new beginnings. But could your clutter be holding you back? Did you know that clutter clearing is a feng shui practice? Most consultants won’t even... read more

Create an Altar, Lift Your Spirits!

Creating an altar in your home can be a great way to connect to your spirit and uplift your chi (life force energy). An altar can be a daily reminder of the spiritual energy that is all around us, and can help you come back to center when you feel stressed. Find a... read more

Dance to Enhance Your Chi!

Dancing can be a fantastic way to enhance your chi, especially when you dance with the intention of doing so. I have loved dancing since I learned how to swing dance in college. It’s come in and out of my life, in various forms, like salsa and modern dance.... read more

Six Benefits of Getting Organized with Feng Shui

Picture this…from the moment you open your eyes in the morning, you feel peace.  You have a morning routine and you breeze through your house like a soft wind, getting dressed, making breakfast, caring for your children, staying present and feeling a sense of positive... read more

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