Clutter Clearing Q & A

What Does Clutter Have to Do with Feng Shui?

Feng shui is all about energy…chi…life force energy…specifically OUR life force energy, as you and I each have an energy field. This energy field connects us to Spirit. Life force energy is what animates our body temples and makes us feel alive, healthy, happy, vibrant, passionate, energized, bushy-tailed 😉

There are things that affect our chi, like the chi of our homes and offices (environmental feng shui), our thought patterns, beliefs, desires (inner feng shui), what we put on and into our body temples (personal feng shui). Clutter and chaos (disorganization) are seen in feng shui as being energy drains. Feng shui suggests that clutter and chaos dull and drain our chi and THAT can lead to disease, disharmony, disfunction.

Since feng shui is all about working with the chi of our bodies, minds, and environments so that we can have healthier chi, clutter clearing and organizing are essential for that process. Though the process itself can be daunting and emotional, letting go of (and working through) what is draining us can lead to feeling better and having more energy, which then leads to greater health, improved mental outlook, being able to call in and take advantage of better opportunities, etc.

Also, clearing clutter and chaos is a means of “cultivating receptivity”. Imagine that you are a magnet. When you are surrounded by clutter (anything that you don’t love, use, or need), it’s like a magnet being full of unnecessary junk. Clutter clearing is like removing the junk from the magnet so you can call in what you really desire. And the magnet, in this case, is your heart. So by clearing your clutter and chaos, you have a much better chance of attracting what your heart really wants!

How Can Clutter Affect You Mentally & Emotionally?

It Could Be Making You Sick & Depressed. Every person has a personal energy (chi) field. Clutter is stagnant energy which dulls our life force energy. That can manifest in a number of ways, leading to lethargy, sloth-like couch potato behavior, depression, burnout, fatigue, illness, obesity, other addictions, etc.

It Can Create Confusion. There’s so much to keep track of in life and let’s face it…it’s super easy to overdo it! There’s just so much to take in! So many fun things to do, so many people to see, so many things to accomplish, so many bills to pay…And if your energy is tied to your stuff (which feng shui suggests that it is), then physical clutter also means MENTAL clutter…and who really needs that?! It can lead to overwhelm, fatigue, depression, or just plain stinkin’ thinkin’! Blech. And yes, confusion. If you have mental clutter, it can be a challenge to really focus and be productive. You might drop details left and right because it’s all just too much to keep track of. That can create chaos with clients, romantic relationships, family life, etc.

It Can Keep Opportunities Away. Physical clutter clutters our minds and our energy fields. It can keep also opportunities at Bay because our lives are just too full already! Stuffed with stuff, whether wanted or not. How can we expect any good stuff to come in, any fresh opportunities, if we don’t have the mental and energetic capacity to receive, process, and hold them? If it’s true that God (the Universe) only gives you what you can handle…well, you can only handle so much when your life is already stuffed to the gills, right?! What kind of opportunities are we talkin’? Oh, you know…just things like money, romantic relationships, career advances…name a type of opportunity, and chances are that your cluttered space and mind are repelling them, rather than ATTRACTING them.

It Can Cause Frustration. It can waste time and energy & make you dizzy trying to find things amongst all the clutter and chaos. Inability to draw upon the knowledge that you need. Things taking longer than you’d like.

It Can Contribute to Broken Record Syndrome. You might talk about the same things over and over and over again and basically be stuck on loop. You may be unable to move forward and heal in the way or pace that you’d like to because you’re overstuffed. You may not be able to call in the things you desire because you have no receptivity for them. You could be disconnected from your guidance and/or your feelings. Passive-aggressive behavior. Sudden rage and fits of anger. Striking out at loved ones. Inability to concentrate, focus, blocks in creativity and production. Could manifest as writer’s block, for example. That book ain’t never gonna get written if you don’t shape things up. Distraction…i.e. SQUIRREL syndrome. Unfinished projects. Lack of healthy structure.

Other: Chaos. Bad habits. Addictions. Inability to cope with life. Overwhelm. Desire to escape…

Why is it Hard to Let Go of Clutter?
  1. Habits and learned behaviors
  2. Holding onto stuff out of fear
  3. Eco fear
  4. Overwhelm…giving up….thinking it’s too hard to process and easier to “stay down”
  5. Energetic and emotional sensitivities…many ultra sensitive people suffer from cluttered homes and hoarding habits…it can be a kind of energetic barrier
  6. Comfort
  7. Desire for Safety (Ego, Inner Child)
  8. Societal Influence (Materialism)
  9. Disposable Lifestyle
  10. Lack of trust and faith in the Universe
  11. Numbing/Not Wanting to Feel Emotions
  12. Addiction
  13. Media’s Focus on Materialism
  14. Lack of Healthy Boundaries and Structure…Inability to say yes or no effectively.
  15. Self-sabotage
  16. Fear of success, responsibility, failure
  17. Obligation
  18. Guilt

There are SO many reasons, and almost all of them are mental and emotional. So, if that’s you, don’t feel bad! It’s totally normal! It’s also why I focus on inner feng shui as much as what’s in the environment. It’s really your connections and ties to your stuff, patterns, and behaviors that create the clutter and chaos. My job (if you want my help via consultations or coaching) is to get at the roots of what’s causing these limiting habits and find ways to help you shift into healthier ones.

If It's So Hard to Let Go, Why Do It?
  • Because you’re feeling stuck in a rut
  • Because you’re depressed, sick, tired, and you want to feel better
  • Because you want to create a change and a shift
  • Because you want to have more energy, be more mentally sharp, focused, etc.
  • Because you want to heal
  • Because you want to create something
  • Because you’re trying to achieve some kind of goal
  • Because you want to make room for and attract good stuff into your life
  • Because you’ve hot rock bottom and gotten REAL about your habits and how they are affecting your life

Any day is a good day to clear things up. In fact, it’s best if you look at it as a lifestyle change, rather than a purge and binge cycle. You DON’T have to wait until you’re sick, broke, depressed and at rock bottom. And circumstances are never going to be perfect. You can get started right now, where you are, with what you have. Major life changes, like divorce, career change, changing households, moving far away, death of a loved one, illness, depression, health scares…realization that life is too precious to constantly feel weighed down by all this stuff and to let it keep you from living the life you truly desire.

Confidence, Energy & Prosperity

“When I began working with Claire, my office was a dumping ground for all of the ‘miscellaneous’ items in the house. I run my business from my house, and I hated going into the office each day. It was so bad, I even worked from the living room couch for a while!

I thought feng shui was an ‘out there’ concept, ‘newfangled mumbo jumbo’, and wouldn’t work for me, but I knew I needed help with organizing and clearing out clutter. So, I decided to work with Claire Amber. Claire consulted with me over the phone, and through photos and written diagrams, she was able to guide me on how to approach my office and take it back. She broke things down into easy-to-digest steps and encouraged me with every step. She was always there to guide me through getting organized, clearing the clutter, and rearranging my office to utilize feng shui concepts.

I was completely amazed at how much self-discovery happened when I started dealing with the environment around me! I didn’t plan on believing in the use of feng shui, but I’ve seen the results, not only personally, but professionally. I feel stronger and more confident in myself and my business. My business projects and revenue have increased. I have more energy, and I’m getting more done on a daily basis. The clutter clearing and organizing has even begun to spread to other parts of the house, and I have a feeling use of feng shui in other areas isn’t far behind.

I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Claire, and I encourage anyone who needs to take back a room or space in their home or office to contact her immediately.”

Jill Heisterkamp

Heiste Communications

What Are the Benefits of Clutter Clearing?
  • Raising vibes: positively affects attitude & outlook
  • Cultivating receptivity: wealth, energy, clients, opportunities
  • Letting go of the past and living in the present
  • Setting the stage for success
  • Magnetizing your desires
  • Clearing a path for prosperity
  • Strengthening your connection to Spirit
  • Enhanced intuition & awareness
  • Feeling and being more powerful
  • Greater productivity
Does it Have to Be Done All at Once?

There are people (experts in fact) that would say, “Yes. It has to be done all-at-once”. But those people are not taking into consideration that some of us are just way too sensitive to do that. There’s all kinds of emotional stuff that can surface during this process. And, if you’re ultra sensitive, chances are that your system needs more time to integrate changes than the average person.

Therefore, the all-or-nothing approach is usually not helpful and not productive. In fact, it can be counterproductive, leaving someone in a worse state than when they started. If you get so overwhelmed and frustrated that you say, “Fuck it! Why am I doing this to begin with? What’s the point? It’s too hard and there’s too much to deal with!”…how is that going to serve you?

I can help you pace things out and come up with a reasonable and manageable plan-of-action. This is about building clutter clearing muscles, learning how to say gently, but decisively “no” to what isn’t quite right for you and a resounding “YES!” to what you really do want! It’s about changing the patterns, thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that led to your state of being full-up on clutter, to begin with.

If you were trying to lose a significant amount of body weight, you wouldn’t expect to do it all-at-once, would you? No. You’d probably expect that it was going to take some time. Maybe even a long time, depending on how much weight you were trying to shed. The same thing can be true with clutter clearing.


What Should You Expect When Letting Go?

Clutter dulls energy. It’s often subconsciously used as a numbing tool. It helps us basically smother our emotions and that emotional energy is tied to our stuff. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle…So, when you start to let the clutter go and create an energetic shift towards clarity, that stuff that you’ve been perhaps hiding from can come bubbling up to the surface. It’s often fear, rage, anger, resentment, guilt, blame, shame, and other such emotions that we have seen as being “bad” or “threatening” and don’t know how to deal with in healthy ways…Hence, we try to subdue and submerge them via “stuff”.

That’s when getting mental, emotional, and energetic support is really important. There are so many reasons why clearing your clutter can really have a positive and lasting effect on your life. And you’re stuff IS probably going to surface, during the process. You will get triggered. I know it’s scary to face that and it takes great courage. Whether you ask for my help getting through it or turn to a counselor or friend that you trust, having mental and emotional support is crucial.

Oh, and in case you’re tempted to just hire an organizer to come in and do it for you…firstly, nobody else can decide what’s clutter to YOU. Secondly, while it can be helpful to have someone sort your stuff into categories and make it a bit less visually overwhelming, if you have someone do the work for you, guess what? It may last a little while, but chances are that the clutter is just going to come back, because all you did was address the symptom. If you want lasting change, you have to get at the roots. That requires doing the work and focusing on the inner feng shui aspect of things. Fortunately, I can help you with that!


How Is My Approach Unique?

My approach is usually gentle, nurturing, compassionate, and inspiring. While this is deep work and stuck emotions are probably going to surface, as a result, I can help you get through the process more gracefully. My hope is that, ultimately, you’re left feeling stronger, happier, and more energized.

The emphasis is on healing, forgiveness, shifting energy and dealing with the emotions that surface as a result of letting go, allowing time for integration. It’s about lightening up on yourself and reclaiming vitality!

This is for the healer, lightworker and ultra sensitive soul who gets overwhelmed by more extreme all-or-nothing approaches. In my coaching sessions and upcoming course, I focus on breaking the process down into small, manageable pieces.

I personally have been through the process of letting go of everything, because I knew that I had to do so in order to heal my mind and body (my message from the Universe). So, I haven’t just read about clutter clearing. Nor have I always been a neat freak or minimalist. I have dealt with this stuff, firsthand, as an ultra sensitive being, and I KNOW how hard it can be to let go. Therefore, I understand the need for a softer approach…one that helps you shift your relationship to your stuff and focus on positive results. That being said, I’ll crack the whip, if it’s what you need. But, that can be stressful on both of us. I usually start with the softer stuff. It’s only fair!

While I will support you if you have questions, and of course I’ll help you devise and stick to a plan-of-action, I’m probably not going to overwhelm you with micro-management and the details of precisely how I want you to fold your underwear. LOL! This is NOT about me being a control freak. What I do want to do is help simplify your life and shift your thinking so that your patterns shift, for the better. And if what I suggest isn’t workable for you, I’d want to know so we could try a different approach.

I’m well aware that if you’re sitting in a mess of clutter, it might be because of your own perfectionism and control freak tendencies and a feeling that if you can’t do it perfectly, you shouldn’t even bother. This is a pattern I’ve seen over and over with my clients and it’s more common than you might think!

I’m also aware that you’re probably feeling at least some shame that you’ve gotten yourself into this mess (also very common) and that the last thing you want is for someone to see how bad it’s gotten. I hold no judgement about things being “wrong” or you being “wrong” for being in a mess of clutter. I will not shame you. I will, however, ask you to get real about how your mess is affecting your life and make a commitment to working through it, however sticky the process may get.

And, of course, I have some ways to make clutter clearing more fun than it might be otherwise. I’m called the Fired Up Diva for a reason 😉 All I want to do is help you clear the junk away so that you can make room for better health, prosperity, joy, fun, experiences, and other kinds of abundance…though not necessarily more “stuff”…I know ALL the tricks, trust me!

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