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Raise Your Vibes!

How is your energy? Do you feel vibrant, alive, optimistic, inspired and passionate about life, much of the time? If not, you can use feng shui to lift your spirits, get energized, and bring abundance into your life! I imagine that you probably think feng shui is about moving stuff around. That’s the common perception and what most people get stuck on, but it’s not the whole story. Feng shui is really about cultivating life force (spiritual) energy & powering up!

With classes, consultations, and my book, From Burned Out to Fired Up, I can teach you how to clean out the clutter & chaos that’s junking up your energy field, cultivate receptivity, raise your vibes, clear up your connection to the divine, enhance your intuition, manifest your desires, create healthy structure, and feel fabulous!

Manifest Your Desires!

What do you want more of in your life? What dreams would you like to birth into reality? What would help you feel most vibrant and fired up? Whatever it is that you desire, your home and office can be used as powerful tools for manifestation, via the magical feng shui Bagua!

This diagram represents nine areas of your life that can be adjusted via the proper use of feng shui. So, as you can see, feng shui is not just about moving stuff around! It is deep intentional work that can bring greater alignment, magic, and miracles into your life! This is super powerful stuff.

Create Balance and Harmony

There are five elements in feng shui and they are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements are related to the feng shui Bagua and you can learn how to effectively use them to create more balance and harmony in your life.

For example, if you are a healing arts professional who has too much water in your fire area of your home (Fame & Reputation), it could mean some really negative customer reviews and bad juju…I would teach you how to balance that out (with intentional cures) so that your reputation gets repaired & you get more clients who really want to work with you because they heard how powerful you are! Doesn’t that sound awesome?

More Fabulous Benefits!

Feeling Powerful

Better Relationships

Income, Clients & Opportunities

Enhanced Awareness

Better Sleep & Relaxation

Zest for Life

Passion & Purpose

Creativity & Inspiration

Greater Focus & Productivity

“I had Claire Amber come into my space in a serious time of transition. Things had been stagnant in my life and in my home, and I was asking for some things to shift in a positive direction. Claire came to my home and interviewed me in a very personal way; she really got to know who I was and what I was looking for. Then we walked around my home and she pointed out various things that could be causing the energy not to flow, as well as things that were really working.”

She spent a few hours with me really going through possibilities. She would suggest a change and I would say “I can’t do that, can we do something else?” and she would suggest a variation. Or I would reply “Brilliant! Let’s set that up right now!” And we would do it right then.

It’s made all the difference in my home and in my life in general. I am more focused, getting more work done at home, resting better, and I attracted an amazing roommate! I can’t wait to finish implementing all of her suggestions (like repainting a wall or two), but I can tell even all of the small things that worked wonders. (And her laugh is magical!)”

Jen Murphy

What’s Involved?

Clutter Clearing



Intentional Cures


Green Living

Confidence, Energy & Prosperity

“When I began working with Claire, my office was a dumping ground for all of the ‘miscellaneous’ items in the house. I run my business from my house, and I hated going into the office each day. It was so bad, I even worked from the living room couch for a while!

I thought feng shui was an ‘out there’ concept, ‘newfangled mumbo jumbo’, and wouldn’t work for me, but I knew I needed help with organizing and clearing out clutter. So, I decided to work with Claire Amber. Claire consulted with me over the phone, and through photos and written diagrams, she was able to guide me on how to approach my office and take it back. She broke things down into easy-to-digest steps and encouraged me with every step. She was always there to guide me through getting organized, clearing the clutter, and rearranging my office to utilize feng shui concepts.

I was completely amazed at how much self-discovery happened when I started dealing with the environment around me! I didn’t plan on believing in the use of feng shui, but I’ve seen the results, not only personally, but professionally. I feel stronger and more confident in myself and my business. My business projects and revenue have increased. I have more energy, and I’m getting more done on a daily basis. The clutter clearing and organizing has even begun to spread to other parts of the house, and I have a feeling use of feng shui in other areas isn’t far behind.

I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Claire, and I encourage anyone who needs to take back a room or space in their home or office to contact her immediately.”

Jill Heisterkamp

Heiste Communications





A Holistic Approach

Personal, Inner & Environmental Feng Shui

Did you know that feng shui is all about YOUR personal chi? So when you make those adjustments in your home and office, it’s not just about making the building feel better, it’s about making YOU feel healthy, strong, positive, powerful, and magnetic!

There are two kinds of feng shui that you may not have heard of. “Personal feng shui” has to do directly with our body temples. What we do to them afffects our chi, our energy levels! I know you know this from a biological standpoint, but this is about chi, the spiritual energy that connects us to the Earth through these bodies, as well as to the heavens. Personal feng shui has to do with intentional practices involving hygiene, eating and exercise habits, sensuality, and anything directly related to the body.

“Inner feng shui” has to do with our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and how we process life. Depressing thoughts of guilt, blame & shame can dull our chi, whereas uplifting thoughts can brighten our chi. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t feel our feelings, but there are some pretty nifty feng shui mind tricks to help you work with your own chi through the power of your mind.

In my book, From Burned Out to Fired Up: Fabulous Feng Shui Secrets for Feeling Happy, Confident, Sassy, and Radiant, I cover some of my best tips for enhancing your chi through by addressing your body, mind, home, and biz. That’s what I mean when I say I take a holistic approach to feng shui.

Powerful & Positive Changes

“Claire Amber is a great catalyst for change when you’re feeling stuck and challenged by your accumulated stuff, and would like to clear the clutter, organize, revitalize your environment and move forward with your life.

Claire helped me by giving me ideas for changing my home environment inside and out, and little by little, I steadily created changes in my home that feel very positive and powerful! It’s really surprising how little changes can make such a big difference. I am very thankful to have Claire as such a wonderful resource in my life!”

Tiana Mylene

Health & Fitness Coach

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