Basics, Benefits & Happy Chi

Have you been feeling less-than-fabulous? Want to reclaim your sparkle & joie de vivre? Looking to manifest good stuff? There are so many benefits to using feng shui and it’s really all about well-being! Let me break it down for you so it’s super easy to understand.

Clutter Clearing

Are you frustrated? Do you get angry easily? Is your energy low, more often than you’d like? If you have clutter and chaos (disorganization), they can contribute to these symptoms. In this Q & A, I highlight the importance of clutter clearing and how it can positively impact your life.

Book: From Burned Out to Fired Up

Does your life need a makeover? Have a lot of healing work to do on yourself? I certainly did! In this book, involving my own real-life experience, I share how I healed from bipolar depression & a spinal injury and feng shui’d my life…body, mind, and environment.

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