Hey, I’m Claire Amber, creator of Fired Up Healers. I thought I’d share a little about my experience and education and the many professional hats that I wear…

Empowerment Coach & Spiritual Teacher

I’ve experienced a lot of healing in my life…through depression, burnout, crippling doubts and insecurities, a spinal injury, PTSD, etc. All of that healing has come from my listening in and working with Universal energies. My entire life is about spirituality, including my business ventures. From that place of experience, I teach my clients how to reduce stress, create healthy changes, feel more confident, and infuse their lives with happiness, passion, purpose, energy, and fulfillment! I wrote a super sassy self-care book, about how to feng shui your body, mind, home and office, and offer a variety of creative services. I tend to work best with other healers, sensitives, artists, and spiritual entrepreneurs.

Feng Shui Master

I am certified as a BTB (Black Hat) Feng Shui consultant, via James and Helen Jay of China Studies. I love helping people feel confident, comfortable, happy, vibrant and abundant in their homes and offices. I focus on feng shui as a means of helping my clients remove obstacles, cultivating life force energy (chi), and feel vibrant and healthy. Feng shui is also about helping a person shift their point-of-attraction and manifest their heart’s desires and that is my other focus with feng shui.

Artist & Designer

Some things just “are” and I’ve always been an artist. I may as well have been born with a paint brush and pallete in my hand, singing “ta-daaaaaaah”! Some kids create super awkward drawings…Mine were masterpieces, what can I say?! I won awards for my art, starting at an early age. In addition to that innate ability, I learned a ton from my interior designer mother & photographer father. I’ve taken classes in fashion design, fine art, color and design, green interior design, and taught myself how to design rocking websites, like this one…yay! I design gemstone jewelry as personal feng shui enhancements. I am a “culinary artist”. I created my book as a unique work of art, including graphics & poetry. I feel that beauty is essential to well-being and happiness. So, I love to create beautiful, powerful, and healing artwork…with whatever medium I can get my hands on :)

Writer & Author

I had the very good fortune of meeting Arianna Huffington and Waylon Lewis at an event in Los Angeles, back in 2008…Thus, my writing career was born! I have written many articles and event reports for Elephant Journal and Huffington Postunder the names of Claire Amber, Claire Burstein. I used to be known as “The Feng Shui Fairy”. I loved the name and it suited me, but I felt a strong desire for something more solid, grounded, and commanding. I feel that Fired Up Diva embodies those qualities. After seven long years of self-discovery, I published my first book, From Burned Out to Fired Up: Fabulous Feng Shui Secrets for Feeling Happy, Confident, Sassy and Radiant, in 2014, via Amazon. It’s about what I learned, during that time, on my own self-healing journey.

Entertainer & Musician

I have 32 years as a musician. I played violin, flute, and trombone, starting at 8 years old. I’m a songbird and, when I was growing up, I would often parrot whatever was playing on the radio. I began singing classical repertoire in high school & fell in love with it! After that, I studied classical singing (arias, art songs, choral music) and music education at Orange Coast College and San Francisco State University. Though I never quite got my degree (illness, financial hardship), I had a senior voice recital in 2005. I sing jazz and pop songs, as well, and have been known to frequent a local karaoke bar. I love to entertain, whether it’s through singing or making people laugh with my quirky sense of humor, via my book and other teachings.

Intuitive & Empath

I’ve always been fascinated by the “something more”…the subtle energies that lie beyond our five senses. I started studying numerology, tarot, astrology, and feng shui in my youth. The best Christmas present that I ever got was Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs”, when I was twelve years old. In my mid-twenties, I began to ask why I was such an emotional wreck and why my energy was completely out-of-control? I recognized that my mood swings and violent depression were partly due to a lack of faith in myself and in the Universe. A good friend of mine from music school said that she’d had miraculous results (relief from migraines) as a result of studying at a psychic school called Psychic Horizons. I decided to check it out and took their healing meditation course, where I learned all about chakras and auras, and how to work with them. I also spent a significant portion of my massive inheritance seeing gifted spiritual advisors, in an attempt to sort out my own personal story, gifts, and life path…cuz I was a hot mess, no joke! LMAO! Along my path, I’ve gone in and out of periods of skepticism. I don’t believe anything without testing it for myself. I’ve tested all of these things…feng shui, numerology, tarot cards, astrology, manifestation…and I’m a believer. I believe because, when I don’t, I feel like crap. When I do, magic and miracles happen. Call me crazy (join the crowd 😛 ), but I see visions, hear voices, get headaches when something doesn’t feel right and feel goosebumps when I’m on the right track. I feel other peoples’ emotions, which can make for some interesting times! I don’t always know when I’m “on”, but I’m often pleasantly surprised by what shows up on my path and in consultations with my clients. I can’t imagine my life without distinct signs from the Universe. Spirituality is everything to me and I love using my gifts to help people heal, on all levels.

Highly Sensitive Person

Because of my bold moniker (Fired Up Diva) one might think that I’m super loud and theatrical all the time. But, that’s not true. I’m really a highly sensitive person and introvert (INFP, if you are versed in Myers Briggs). When left to my own devices, I’m fairly quiet and introspective. I also need a lot of down time to process life. I’m a private person who has chosen (and been given marching orders by the Universe) to use my honesty, quirky sense of humor, silly laugh, and troubled past to create positive change in the world. So, that’s what I’m setting out to do and why I’m opening myself up for that purpose…because I live to be of service. It’s what keeps me going.

If you love what you’ve read here and feel a strong desire to work with me, in whatever capacity, let’s have a chat! I’m most interested in finding true matches with the exact people that I was placed here to serve. You and I will both feel it if the energy between us is “right”. Either way, I wish you the very best on your journey through this crazy little thing called “life”!

Claire Amber, Fired Up Diva

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